Should An Employer Provide Phone Equipment For Remote Workers?


With more people working from home, the issue of just what your employer is supposed to provide has become much more important. With lots of people relatively new to remote working, even months into the pandemic, it's become clear that not everyone understands what they're entitled to or what solutions the employer has to provide. Workplace advice columns have started seeing more issues with things like privacy and off-hours use, and it helps to know what equipment you're supposed to get — and what you have to provide yourself — when your company switches to remote work.

22 February 2021

Put A Halt To Sexual Advances In The Workplace


If a co-worker's comments to you are lewd in nature and you have been propositioned or threatened with physical touching during a couple occasions, you may be fearful about what will happen during a subsequent shift. Sexual harassment includes verbal statements and physical actions. Nobody deserves to be propositioned while they are at work and you have every right to report what has occurred and seek protection from further harassment.

18 February 2020

Creating A Living Trust, And Other Forms Of Estate Law


You don't really have an appreciation for wealth and what it means until you are trying to pass it down to the future generation. This is the end-game for all wealth creation, which is why setting up a will and trust is just as important to this process as buying your first house or saving for retirement. A living trust is one of the best ways to formalize this process, and you can get this service by speaking to some professionals that can help you.

10 September 2019

Should You Sue? Questions For Consideration


When you've been harmed by the actions of others, you may have the right to gain monetary compensation. Unfortunately, feeling wronged is not enough reason to file a lawsuit. To help you understand what makes a good personal injury case, read on and ask yourself the following questions. Are you injured? This question may seem obvious, but without some form of injury, you don't have a case. For personal injury cases, some type of physical injury is necessary and you must be able to show that you have sought medical treatment.

24 May 2019

Tips for Hiring Legal Mediators for Your Small Family Business


Family disputes can be difficult to get through, so imagine how complicated it can be to settle a dispute involving a family business. One area that is typically a sticking point among small family businesses is the decision on who will be the successor when the owner steps aside or dies. To resolve some of these disputes in a way that is amicable, one step you can take is to hire a professional mediation company.

28 November 2016

What You May Not Know About Early Stages Of Legal Mediation


Dealing with a business lawsuit is certainly a hassle that nobody wants as part of their day. You may wish you could just make it disappear. Unfortunately, it won't poof into thin air by wishing alone. However, through the process of civil litigation, you can take action to get rid of it. Start by consulting a business attorney, who may then get the court to recommend mediation. Here are some things you may not know about each stage of legal mediation, which may be ordered by a court of law to encourage a mutual understanding and a way to settle the situation outside the courtroom.

23 December 2015

How To Gain The Attention Of An IRS Auditor When Self-Employed


Having no commute or annoying co-workers is just some of the many perks that self-employed people enjoy, but with those perks come a greater need for financial responsibility when it comes to bookkeeping. The IRS takes a close look at people who work from home and use their home and vehicles for business purposes on their tax returns, so read on to learn more about red flags that could cause you to come under the scrutiny of an IRS auditor.

16 December 2015